Brad Tice – SVP Pharmacy Practice

Brad Tice Senior Vice President Pharmacy Practice

Briefly describe the professional journey that led you to Aspen RxHealth.
My career has always been focused on the mission of getting medications used correctly by patients and getting pharmacists paid for services. My focus on the clinical work of pharmacists started with an internship with the Indian Health Service the summer after my first year of pharmacy school and has stuck with me since. I have had a tremendous career including working to implement clinical services in the community pharmacy environment, working for health care startups, working in the health plan environment with Humana and working for a Fortune 20 company, Cardinal Health. I see Aspen as an opportunity to pull a lot of these experiences together to help take pharmacists to the next level in their ability to work with patients.

Which famous quote would you pick to describe your personal business philosophy?
My favorite quote is from Peter Drucker, “Businesses exist to create a customer, not a product.” So often, businesses get focused on their “great idea” and what they think they have to offer. This quote really breaks business down into its most simple form. To me, there is no better validation than creating value that customers are willing to purchase!

If you could give your 25-year-old-self one piece of advice, what would it be and why?
Develop relationships. It is amazing how small the world is and how the relationships you develop carry throughout your career and life.

What is the one career accomplishment of which you are most proud, thus far?
Well, this one is easy, being elected president-elect, and subsequently president, of the American Pharmacists Association. I am so humbled and proud to have the opportunity to represent the pharmacists of the United States to help advance the profession and advance patient care. There is so much more that pharmacists can do to improve patient care. We need to unlock the value pharmacists can provide and improve patient use of medications for the benefit of patients and the entire healthcare system!

Would you rather travel back in time to meet your ancestors or to the future to meet your descendants?
I would go to the future to meet my descendants. It would be great to see what kind of impact I/we made and to see if the lessons of today are remembered or forgotten. It is amazing to see how quickly lessons can be forgotten and history repeats itself. It would also be really great to see how the world has advanced from where we are today.