Bruce Meadows, Takeda Digital Ventures – Observer

Originally trained as a molecular biologist, Bruce is a systems thinker who works seamlessly across the complex worlds of science, technology, and finance to create sustainable value for founders, employees, and investors at every stage of value creation, from early incubation to liquidity. A seasoned operator with direct P&L experience bringing medical devices to market to drive growth, he is an asset to leadership teams, helping them access qualified capital amid shifting market dynamics in highly competitive, highly regulated global healthcare markets. As an experienced venture and private equity investor in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and digital health, he brings operational insights and novel thinking to forge cutting-edge business models, chart viable paths to growth and profitability, and oversee investor relations with rigor and transparency from seed to liquidity.

Bruce has more than 20 years’ experience as an active investor in healthcare through leading private equity and venture capital funds in Australia and Europe, including GBS Venture Partners (Formerly Rothschild Bioscience); MTIP, MD Start, and Ares Life Sciences.

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