Chris Dattaro – Chief Operating Officer

Chris Dattaro, Chief Operating Officer, Aspen RxHealth

Briefly describe the professional journey that led you to Aspen RxHealth.
After graduating from the Naval Academy I served for five years on active duty in the Navy and separated from service as a Lieutenant. Growing up I always had an interest in business and finance so after my service obligation ended I turned to Wall Street and interned at Goldman Sachs followed by a stop at FBR Capital Markets. Both Goldman and FBR were great places for me to learn about capital markets but I found I was more interested in learning how companies were built rather than in what I was working on so in the Fall of 2015 I made the jump over to Lyft as the second full-time hire in DC. During my nearly six years at Lyft, I held a variety of roles including most recently as the Regional General Manager for Lyft’s Transit, Bikes, & Scooters business but I got started running driver and marketplace operations for the rideshare business in the Mid-Atlantic region. In that capacity, I focused primarily on marketplace balance operations, product and program launches, and building a strong operations team to help scale Lyft’s growth in the region. Aspen RxHealth’s commitment to serving its pharmacists and empowering them to improve both their lives and their communities really resonated with me and reminded me of the culture at Lyft, and the challenge of building a new multi-sided marketplace is one I’m excited to work on.

Which famous quote would you pick to describe your personal business philosophy? “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Be willing to get uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream. – Peter McManus

What is your MBTI personality type? How does this information connect with your career experience and leadership style?
My personality type is ENFP. “Campaigners” by nature are independent, curious, perceptive, and place a lot of value on meaningful interpersonal relationships. Going back to when I was a kid and continuing through today I’ve generally always questioned everything and wanted to know the how and the why behind all aspects of life which I think is reflected in how I approach problems and opportunities. My curiosity has sparked interest in a variety of different topics and has led me to opportunities in multiple different industries: the military, finance, transportation, and now healthcare. I really value the relationships I have with the people I work with and I spend a lot of time trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together in terms of complementing strengths and weaknesses when building a team. I’ve also always been most satisfied at work in environments that align with my core values and in environments that challenge me and allow me to constantly learn new things and build upon existing skills.


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