Remote Pharmacists Make Clinical Pharmacy Care More Accessible


Clinical Pharmacy Services

When we think of pharmacists, we think of knowledgeable, helpful resources who dispense our medications and administer vaccinations.


But a new model for pharmacists has emerged in the wake of the pandemic that offers an inventive way for clinical pharmacists to serve their patients remotely.


60% of the U.S. population suffers from a chronic disease that requires medication therapy management, and there’s no better clinician to provide this kind of care than pharmacists.


Because they play a vital role in the modern healthcare ecosystem.


In our time of need for clinicians who can make a real difference in the lives of people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, Aspen RxHealth pharmacists continue to make a lasting impact in providing patients with the care they need—from the comfort and convenience of their homes.


In their own words, Aspen RxHealth pharmacists talk about why they joined our growing company and what that does for patients and health plan members to keep them healthier, happier, and more adherent.

First, what is Aspen RxHealth?

Aspen RxHealth developed a proprietary algorithm and mobile app to intelligently match pharmacists with patients who need them based on filters for geographical location, clinical attributes, language, and more so that patients get the right pharmacist for their specific needs.


This has created a revolution in the way clinical pharmacy services are delivered to patients.


Our unmatched 100% client retention rate shows how much this service is valued and needed by patients and health plan members alike.


At the same time, we’ve forged a tool that allows clinical pharmacists to practice remotely and serve individual patients in a flexible, low-stress environment—their own homes.


Aspen RxHealth has grown quickly into a community of over 7,000 pharmacists who are dedicated to their patients—and more are joining every day.

Aspen RxHealth’s benefits to patients & members


“I joined Aspen RxHealth because I want to use my clinical skills and expertise to counsel and educate patients regarding their medication therapy. It feels very satisfying to be able to make a positive impact on a patient’s life and for them to have a better understanding of their medications.”

– Areeman Saed



Aspen RxHealth pharmacists like Areeman know that patients who have access to and receive clinical pharmacy services have the highest therapeutic outcomes.


And like any other clinician, pharmacists are invested in the well-being of their patients.


Managing medications—especially for patients with chronic diseases—is complex and difficult when you don’t have access to a pharmacist who can help you understand what your medications do and exactly why and how to take them.


Both patients and members benefit when they receive care, education, and assistance from clinical pharmacists.


For instance, socioeconomically vulnerable patients who live in rural areas or have difficulty getting to and from care have significantly improved outcomes when they have remote access to a specific clinical pharmacist who not only specializes in their medications but in their language.


Aspen RxHealth’s pharmacists can provide this for their patients, which is a driving force behind the growth of its community. And unlike any other model, we provide the forum for pharmacists to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with their panel of patients, ensuring even the most difficult-to-reach members and patients get the health outcomes they deserve.

Aspen RxHealth’s benefits to health plans


“I love that I can help patients take control of their prescription care. I care deeply about educating them and making them feel good about the prescriptions they take!” – Portia Wells



Aspen RxHealth pharmacists like Portia know that when patients are educated about their prescriptions—especially when they’re taking multiple prescriptions on a daily basis to manage a chronic condition—they are happier and healthier.


Health plans that partner with Aspen RxHealth to provide clinical pharmacy care for their members boost the health of their membership over time.


And that helps pharmacists like Portia provide the service they’re trained and devoted to providing for members.


Aspen RxHealth’s platform is easily accessible to members of all abilities, geographical locations within the U.S., and languages so that members within any health plan can get the clinical pharmacist services they deserve. From elderly Medicare Advantage members to hard-to-reach Medicaid members and self-insured populations alike – all a patient needs is access to a telephone to receive the care they need.


And it’s simple for pharmacists, too. With an internet connection and a compatible device, pharmacists can access the Aspen RxHealth app and begin delivering high-quality healthcare that drives real results.

Aspen RxHealth’s benefits to pharmacists


“I love helping people with their health. As a pharmacist, we are a valuable source of information. I was attracted to Aspen RxHealth because I enjoy providing MTM to my customers at the pharmacy, and if I could provide the same service to other customers without the distractions of the pharmacy, I could accomplish what I enjoy doing.” – Jackie Strickland



Because Aspen RxHealth is a remote platform that allows pharmacists to be matched with patients and members within their clinical specialties, they can provide services over the phone while referencing the app, making clinical pharmacy services more accessible.


Aspen RxHealth pharmacists can serve patients and members wherever they’re licensed to practice, which can be in multiple states in the U.S.


This is a game-changer for pharmacists like Jackie and the patients and members she serves—especially those who live in rural areas and might require frequent check-ins or face socioeconomic barriers to care.


At a time when clinicians are stretched thin, it becomes increasingly important to protect the well-being of our healthcare workers so that patients and members receive the care they need. And what better way to increase efficiency and output than to tap into healthcare’s unsung clinical heroes – pharmacists.

Is Aspen RxHealth for you?

Whether you’re a health plan that wants to provide valuable support for your Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or Commercial members or a provider group, health system, or pharmacy benefit manager, Aspen RxHealth can help you accomplish your unique goals.


And pharmacists hungry for a more satisfying work-life balance and higher purpose can join us in our mission to revolutionize pharmacy services.