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Aspen RxHealth delivers clinical pharmacy services, including Medication Reconciliation Solutions in a revolutionary new way.

By tapping into our nationwide network of over 5,000 licensed pharmacists, we can provide the highest level of care to health plan members.

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Medication Reconciliation Reimagined

As a health plan, you know how important Medication Reconciliation is, especially during transitions of care, such as a hospital discharge. Complex member populations with multiple chronic conditions are likely to need several prescription medications, and it’s critical to ensure that those drugs interact safely with each other.

Now with Aspen RxHealth, pharmacists from our nationwide network can communicate directly with your members to perform Medication Reconciliation. Even better? While on the phone, our pharmacists can deliver multiple services to those members, maximizing the value of every interaction.

Why Aspen RxHealth: Benefits of Outsourcing the Process

Why choose Aspen RxHealth as your Medication Reconciliation partner?

  • We use licensed, clinically-trained pharmacists for all outreach, never pharmacy techs or students. This ensures that the most qualified clinicians are caring for your members and addressing their complex needs.
  • Pharmacists are intelligently matched with members via our mobile-based application. Using clinical and often-overlooked social factors such as geographic location and language, we pair the right pharmacist with the right member, every time.
  • We’re laser-focused on member experience. With no app to download or account to create, our modern technology telephonically connects members with pharmacists directly, lowering barriers to care.

A New Way to Approach Medication Reconciliation

Keeping your members healthy is always top of mind, and Aspen RxHealth is here to help. By stepping in during critical periods like transitions of care, we can identify medication contraindications and correct them before they become dangerous and costly.

During the same consultation, an Aspen RxHealth pharmacist can provide multiple additional services. Why not complete a comprehensive medication review (CMR), or remind members to get their annual flu shot once they’re on the phone?

Medication Reconciliation

Timely interventions to drive improved Star ratings, reduce adverse drug events, and prevent readmissions.

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Medication Reconciliation FAQ

What is an example of Medication Reconciliation?

If a member was recently discharged from the hospital and prescribed a duplicate medication of what they already have at home, Medication Reconciliation would identify the duplicate medication and correct it. Taking a double dose of medication can be dangerous, especially for a member with multiple chronic conditions.

Who performs a Medication Reconciliation consultation?
When should Medication Reconciliation be done?
Why is Medication Reconciliation important?
Can Medication Reconciliation be done alongside other services?


Bundling member consultations drives costs down 30% compared to in-source pharmacy teams and third-party vendors.

Clinical Experience

Pharmacist-only approach, matching against clinical and social factors most relevant to your members.


Our in-house Quality Assurance team audits consultations to ensure that we consistently deliver 100% CMS Requirements compliance.


Our on-demand model makes us 30% more efficient than competitive offerings, due to our elastic network and surge capabilities.

Member Experience

Our clinical pharmacists receive an avg 4.8-star rating (out of 5) and engagements can be customized to ensure better member experience.

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