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Aspen RxHealth delivers clinical pharmacy services in a revolutionary new way. By tapping into our nationwide network of over 5,000 licensed pharmacists, we can provide the highest level of care to health plan members.

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How Aspen RxHealth MTM solutions work

Pharmacists in the traditional retail environment often don’t have the time or resources to provide comprehensive MTM services, which is why we’ve created a new opportunity for clinically trained pharmacists to operate their own practice and provide direct care to health plan members around the country.

When one of your members qualifies for a comprehensive medication review (CMR), they appear in the opportunities queue within the Aspen RxHealth app for our pharmacist community. After that, the process is simple:

  • Pharmacists are presented with the most relevant opportunities based on clinical specialty, geographic location, and other clinical and social factors.
  • Pharmacists select the opportunities most relevant to them.
  • Our technology connects the pharmacist and member telephonically, so members don’t have to download another app.
  • After every consultation, members are mailed a Medication Action Plan (MAP), that summarizes the conversation with the pharmacist and provides guidance to stay adherent and healthy.

Benefits of outsourcing MTM services

It’s no secret that standing up a high performing MTM program in-house can be difficult and become costly quickly. However, MTM is such a critical component to health plan quality scores that it cannot be ignored.

When you partner with Aspen RxHealth, your members have access to our pharmacist community, comprised of professionals with widely varied clinical specialties and language abilities, allowing them to care for even the most complex, and hard-to-reach member populations.

Don’t forget, by using highly qualified pharmacists, your members’ health is improved, and efficiency is boosted by up to 30% compared to traditional, in-house MTM programs.

Why partner with Aspen RxHealth?

Here’s where it gets exciting: during a CMR call, our pharmacists can provide additional services to members. If you had a highly educated pharmacist on the phone with a member, what would you want them to cover? Maybe address an adherence issue or deliver a reminder to get their annual flu shot? Our pharmacists are trained to fully optimize every single consultation.

Delivering multiple services during one simple phone call is how Aspen RxHealth maximizes the value of every member interaction. Health plan members are tired of downloading apps, creating profiles, and receiving multiple phone calls, especially if they have several chronic conditions. By consolidating outreach without sacrificing care, we can reduce member abrasion while improving health outcomes.

Medication Therapy Management

Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) and Targeted Medication Reviews (TMRs) for eligible member populations.

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM) FAQ

What is a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Platform?

Aspen RxHealth’s MTM platform allows health plans to have a high-performing MTM program without building it from the ground up in-house. Our nationwide pharmacist community delivers the highest quality care possible.

What is the goal of Medication Therapy Management?
What is a Medication Action Plan (MAP)?
Which health care providers conduct MTM?


Bundling member consultations drives costs down 30% compared to in-source pharmacy teams and third-party vendors.

Clinical Experience

Pharmacist-only approach, matching against clinical and social factors most relevant to your members.


Our in-house Quality Assurance team audits consultations to ensure that we consistently deliver 100% CMS Requirements compliance.


Our on-demand model makes us 30% more efficient than competitive offerings, due to our elastic network and surge capabilities.

Member Experience

Our clinical pharmacists receive an avg 4.8-star rating (out of 5) and engagements can be customized to ensure better member experience.

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