Revolutionizing Clinical Pharmacy Services

Aspen RxHealth’s first-of-its-kind technology reimagines the value of the pharmacist-patient relationship.

Next-generation technology driving a revolution

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With the increased prevalence of chronic conditions, a growing list of medication therapies, and complex care needs, it’s harder than ever to manage medication regimens and keep patients healthy. Pharmacists, some of the highest trained and educated clinicians, are under-utilized. If as much as 10% of total US healthcare costs are tied to poor medication management, why not leave the management of patient health and medication therapy to the experts? This is why a group of pharmacists founded Aspen RxHealth. 

Aspen RxHealth’s revolutionary platform was built with the purpose of helping patients better manage their health and medication regimens. Our nationwide network of 7,000+ pharmacists has clinical specializations to ensure that we can care for any member or patient. The best part? Our elastic model is the first of its kind, providing flexibility to many of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations by rapidly scaling member engagement strategies in the most cost-effective model, meeting the unique needs of our diverse clientele.


We didn’t forget about your in-house pharmacy teams, either. With Alliance by Aspen RxHealth, your in-house team can leverage our technology and platform to deliver clinical consultations – while staying free of the operational and administrative burden. We’re proud to offer you a way to operate risk-free, with the peace of mind knowing that our community of over 7,000 is standing by, ready to augment your efforts, should you need them.

A single solution solving the needs of many

Health Plans

Are you looking to boost member engagement, drive member health, and improve your bottom line? Aspen RxHealth pharmacists have advanced credentialing and real-world experience to tackle any health plan need. 

Life Sciences

Are you seeking to deliver personalized clinical interventions to ensure patient education, improve medication management, and deliver patient-reported outcomes? We specialize in building high-touch patient-engagement programs. 

Provider Groups

Are you on a mission to drive long-term health and maximize value-based contracts? We take a revolutionary approach to on-demand patient consultations for timely, cost-effective outcomes.

Strategic Partners

Is your goal to improve quality, compliance and the patient experience? We make it easy to deliver clinical pharmacy excellence without the limitations and cost of a cumbersome call center.

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Harnessing the value of clinical pharmacist expertise

The on-demand, flexible nature of the Aspen RxHealth model enables our clients to deploy the power and capacity of licensed pharmacists around the country in real-time. This revolutionary approach expands member engagement and patient care in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. At the same time, clinical pharmacists pursue fulfilling work while delivering high-quality, timely care focusing solely on the unique needs of those they serve.


Through the Alliance by Aspen RxHealth model, your in-house teams get the same increased efficiencies and effectiveness of our technology platform, while saying goodbye to the burdensome administrative work necessary to build and run a tech stack from the ground up.

Proprietary algorithms intelligently match pharmacists with patients based on a multitude of often overlooked social and clinical factors, including language, geography, clinical condition, medication regimen, and more – allowing for a highly customized, empathetic approach to patient care.

For our clients – including most of the nation’s largest health plans – we offer clinical pharmacy services and solutions to drive medication adherence, quality measures including member experience and Star Ratings, all while optimizing reimbursements and plan performance.

Aspen RxHealth by the numbers

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The power of personalized connections

Every patient is unique, as is every pharmacist. At Aspen RxHealth we leverage these personal attributes to enhance our matching capabilities and drive overall experience. Our technology fosters long-term relationships between patients and pharmacists, creating the opportunity to positively impact health outcomes while increasing patient-pharmacist satisfaction. Based on the meaningful connections our matching algorithms achieve,  patients rate our pharmacists 4.8 out of 5 stars, on average.

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Remote pharmacist roles, provide care from anywhere

If you’re a pharmacist who has tried to fit your life around your career, we’re here to help. At Aspen RxHealth, we empower pharmacists to take back their valuable time by delivering high-quality clinical services using their vast bank of knowledge and expertise. Our 100% remote model with no limits on work volume is designed to fit around your bustling life. Our easy-to-use mobile application connects pharmacists directly with patients while providing quality, clinical care from the comfort of your own home. The platform empowers you to practice at the top of your license, take control of your career on your own time, and provide services when you choose.

What our pharmacists have to say

Clinical pharmacist Wendi Jones
I have control over my time and my income. Now I’m able to work when I want and take time off when I need it. For the first time in years, I can travel during the holidays. It’s amazing to be able to choose to work early in the morning or into the night to make time to be with my family.
Wendi Jones
Catherine Fu
I had extensive prior MTM experience during my community pharmacy residency, and conducting MTM from home seemed like a wonderful idea! Aspen RxHealth has transformed by perspective of the pharmacist career. It’s brought back by purpose as a pharmacist, helping people change their lives for the better.
Catherine Fu
Tara Dominguez
I tell people almost daily that Aspen RxHealth is perfect if you want to work from home, set your own schedule and actually use the knowledge you gained in pharmacy school. Aspen RxHealth is the perfect platform to use my skills and build my business while working from home. This is the future of pharmacy!
Tara Dominguez
Christina Shaffer
I love when I am able to really make a difference. Especially speaking to someone that truly appreciated your time and effort. Sometimes all a person needs is to know that someone is interested in their health to renew their motivation to be healthy.
Christina Shaffer
Steven Ash
I have been able to help countless patients improve their health. While working with patients I have discovered many drug interactions and side effects that were going unnoticed. Many of these patients were shocked to hear about the interactions and wondered why these had not been discussed with them sooner.
Steven “Brent” Ash

The Aspen RxHealth Pharmacist Community

Speaks 27+ languages

Provides care nationwide

Accredited in 65+ clinical specialties


Builds long-term relationships

Receives a 4.8 star average rating

Are you a pharmacist interested in taking control of your career?