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The clinical pharmacy services platform your team deserves

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The clinical pharmacy platform that allows you to:

Operate with risk impunity

Leverage best-in-class technology and back-end support

Empower your in-house pharmacy team

Deliver better patient care

Backed by the leader in clinical pharmacy services

Running a clinical pharmacy program isn’t easy—we get it. Between hiring, training, and maintaining a team of clinical pharmacists, there’s little time left to deliver the important medication optimization consultations members need. That’s why we partner with healthcare organizations across the country and offer pharmacist-led services to keep their members healthy.



The next generation of care delivery is here. Award-winning technology and back-end support empower in-house pharmacy teams at health plans and provider groups across the nation to seamlessly deliver clinical pharmacy consultations. 



It’s time to allow your team to do what they do best—care for your members. Equipping them with the latest clinical platform grants them access to a robust clinical decision support engine, actionable and easy-to-use reporting platform, and matching capabilities to ensure they’re facilitating the highest quality medication consultations possible.

How it works

Onboarding and training
Your pharmacy team is trained by our team and begins onboarding to the Alliance by Aspen RxHealth platform. A dedicated client experience manager ensures your pharmacy team is equipped and empowered, set up for success from the start.
Relevant matching
Our proprietary clinical pharmacy technology platform optimizes and segments patient consultation opportunities, presenting them to your team.
Complete consultations
Your in-house pharmacy team begins delivering high quality medication consultations. While they focus on delivering the best patient care possible, we handle the back-end operations. Our clinical decision support engine equips your pharmacists with the tools, information, and helpful scripting they need for productive consults.
Minimize risks
The entire Aspen RxHealth Pharmacist Community is standing by, ready to augment your pharmacy team’s reach if needed. Over 7,000 remote pharmacists can ensure that your members receive the care they need when they need it. That's a backup plan you can trust.

A clinical care solution that delivers

Health plans around the nation are using Alliance by Aspen RxHealth to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and keep members healthier while leveraging their own in-house pharmacy teams to conduct outreach.

What if you had the nation’s largest, most diverse, and clinically specialized community of over 7,000 clinical pharmacists on standby, ready to help?

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You get that through Aspen RxHealth. Not only can your team deliver custom consultations such as medication therapy management, member education and medication adherence calls, but they can manage conditions, specialty medications, and conduct medication reconciliation – all through an easy-to-use platform. Should your pharmacists ever struggle to keep pace with volume, a diverse community of remote pharmacists can be called upon to deliver clinical interventions, ensuring your populations receive the care they need as quickly and effectively as possible.

Reduce abrasion to improve the member experience

If your organization is ready to drive scale and efficiency by delivering patient-centric engagements, we can help. Fewer calls to deliver more care results in a reduced member abrasion, leading to an overall improved experience. Delivering valuable patient consultations at scale shouldn’t be difficult—let us be the partner to help get you where you need to be.

Give your in-house pharmacy team the tools they want and the support they deserve

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