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Are you a clinical pharmacist ready to take control of your career?
Learn how remote pharmacy services can help you revolutionize your role.

Technology enriching the
pharmacist-patient relationship

Having a meaningful impact on the lives of patients begins and ends with trusted expertise. Empowering pharmacists with the most advanced tools to support these conversations is where Aspen RxHealth shines. We aren’t hindered by legacy platforms, outdated workflows, or antiquated thinking. Our technology is grounded in enriching the pharmacist-patient relationship. Built by leaders with extensive pharmacy experience, a keen understanding of the demands placed on MTM pharmacists, and powered by cutting-edge technology, Aspen RxHealth creates the opportunity to directly connect remote pharmacists to patients to enhance the delivery of clinical pharmacy services.

Patient talking on phone with pharmacist
David Medvedeff. CEO and co-founder, Aspen RxHealth

How it all began...

“For years we’ve seen the cost and complexity of medications continue to rise, while the pharmacy industry invests in dispensing efficiency and delivery convenience over patient safety and clinical optimization. Not surprisingly, the market has seen a continuous oversupply of clinically trained, passionate pharmacists who want to help improve patient lives. It became apparent that this industry is not facing a talent oversupply, but rather a misalignment in its workforce. The Aspen RxHealth model comes at a time when the pharmacy profession is ripe for transformation – and we are proud to be delivering innovative economic models and groundbreaking technology to drive meaningful change and positive outcomes.”

David Medvedeff, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Remote pharmacists can provide patient care from anywhere

The Aspen RxHealth platform was purposefully built with you in mind. Our matching algorithm intelligently connects remote pharmacists like you with patients in your area, with whom you match across a variety of criteria – including your clinical area of interest or expertise – to increase the likelihood of building a trusted, long-term relationship.



As a pharmacist in our community, we provide you with detailed information before every interaction so you may carefully analyze a patient’s treatment plan, assess potential medication interactions, and develop engaging, positive relationships. Imagine the freedom of no longer being limited by the time-consuming task of dispensing medications, but rather leveraging your clinical expertise and valuable time to focus on delivering the best quality care, from anywhere.



Our team subscribes to the philosophy that exceptional patient care and positive, fulfilling pharmacist-patient experiences have the power to deliver better health to patients. In order to ensure the highest quality standards, we offer career coaching and training material to improve your skills and equip you to deliver the best patient interactions possible.

iphone showing Aspen RxHealth app

What our pharmacists have to say

Clinical pharmacist Wendi Jones
I have control over my time and my income. Now I’m able to work when I want and take time off when I need it. For the first time in years, I can travel during the holidays. It’s amazing to be able to choose to work early in the morning or into the night to make time to be with my family.
Wendi Jones
Catherine Fu
I had extensive prior MTM experience during my community pharmacy residency, and conducting MTM from home seemed like a wonderful idea! Aspen RxHealth has transformed my perspective of the pharmacist career. It’s brought back my purpose as a pharmacist, helping people change their lives for the better.
Catherine Fu
Tara Dominguez
I tell people almost daily that Aspen RxHealth is perfect if you want to work from home, set your own schedule and actually use the knowledge you gained in pharmacy school. Aspen RxHealth is the perfect platform to use my skills and build my business while working from home. This is the future of pharmacy!
Tara Dominguez
Christina Shaffer
I love when I am able to really make a difference. Especially speaking to someone that truly appreciated your time and effort. Sometimes all a person needs is to know that someone is interested in their health to renew their motivation to be healthy.
Christina Shaffer
Steven Ash
I have been able to help countless patients improve their health. While working with patients I have discovered many drug interactions and side effects that were going unnoticed. Many of these patients were shocked to hear about the interactions and wondered why these had not been discussed with them sooner.
Steven “Brent” Ash

How it works

Get started
Once you are credentialed, you’re able to log into our app to view your patient matches, based on proprietary algorithms and identifiers including language preferences, geographical location, and clinical attributes.
Build your patient panel
Based on your personalized matches, you curate a list of patients and begin individualized outreach.
Complete consults
You are paid weekly for the clinical services you deliver.
Build long term relationships
After each consult, your patient rates the quality of your consult and has the ability to "favorite" you for future outreach and care.

Professional fulfillment
powered by technological innovation

Our community of remote pharmacists have found the unique opportunity to pursue work that brings them emotional and professional fulfillment.



Part of the uniqueness of our model is that as a clinical pharmacist, you’re able to dictate how and when you work. This is the first time clinical pharmacists have had this kind of flexibility, transparency, and control over their careers. There are no limits on patient volume and you are paid directly rather than through an employer or third party. The Aspen RxHealth community is built to provide maximum flexibility, personal fulfillment and the financial benefit you choose to pursue.

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