How Our Remote Pharmacists Work

What you can expect as an Aspen RxHealth clinical pharmacist

Thinking about joining the nation’s largest community of remote pharmacists? Over 7,000 already have. Here’s everything you need to know about being an Aspen RxHealth clinical pharmacist

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Join our team of remote pharmacists

When you join Aspen RxHealth, you become an integral part of the nation’s largest community of remote pharmacists delivering clinical interventions. Our thorough onboarding and training process ensures you’re given all the support you need to be successful. You’ll learn what it’s like to partner with us while caring for your patients. You will thoroughly understand:


  • How we evaluate pharmacist-patient consultations
  • The compliance and quality guidelines we adhere to in order to protect patient information, deliver high quality services, and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse
  • How to use the Aspen RxHealth app to connect directly with patients

Before you’re able to deliver patient care, you will get familiar with the app in “practice mode” to ensure you’re ready and able to get started.


Then you’ll begin orientation – a time in which our team provides weekly virtual meetings to ensure you have everything you need to be successful. You won’t just hear from us – experienced members of the community regularly join to share tips and glean best practices.


Note: A one-time administrative fee of $75 is required to complete onboarding and training. This fee is allocated towards onboarding costs and to verify your pharmacist licensures are active and up to date. This one-time fee will cover you, even if you take a break from the Aspen RxHealth Pharmacist Community and later return.

Connect with your patients

The Aspen RxHealth mobile application will intelligently match you with patients based on a variety of clinical and demographic criteria for clinical care delivery. In the iOS app, you choose patients from your list of matches uniquely identified for you. The only requirement of the patient is to simply answer your phone call.


The app’s auto-dialer functionality saves you time by automatically dialing patients in your queue and connecting you with the first one available. This allows you to speak with patients in the most effective manner, saving you time and allowing you to move through your patient queues efficiently. Simply select the patients you’d like to contact and let auto-dialer do the heavy lifting.


You’ll speak with patients to deliver a variety of clinical pharmacy consultations, including your choice of comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) and targeted medication reviews (TMRs), all designed to encourage patient education, medication adherence, safe and appropriate use of medications, and chronic disease management.

You have the freedom to choose the consultation type that’s right for you. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours, Aspen RxHealth works with your schedule, not the other way around. Remote pharmacists can deliver meaningful care to thousands of patients across hundreds of thousands of consultations— due in part to the flexibility and effectiveness of our technology.

That flexibility and efficiency, when paired with our matching technology, means we can help you deliver better patient care while improving pharmacist-patient relationships.

The Aspen RxHealth app conveniently guides you through each consultation with a talk track and access to the patient’s current prescriptions, medication history, and claims data. During each consultation, you will have access to Clinical Pharmacology to ensure you’re up to date on all medications your patient may be taking.


We define the “work week” for our remote pharmacists as Sunday through Saturday. Payments are delivered directly to you each Friday for the consultations you completed during the prior week. All remote pharmacists are automatically enrolled in our Aspen Rewards Club (ARC) program, a performance-based compensation program that rewards the consistency of your patient consultations with increased pay rates. ARC allows you to take charge of your earning potential while maintaining the flexibility you need.

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We’re here to help you be the best pharmacist you can be, utilizing your education and clinical expertise to its fullest potential. Aspen RxHealth remote pharmacists have access to ongoing professional development and a continuous flow of new informational resources regularly published within our pharmacist-facing intranet portal, The Grove.


You’ll also have exclusive access to:

  • Sessions with our Aspen RxHealth Professional Coaching Team: a group of industry experts in personal finance, entrepreneurship, clinical consultations, mindset, and self-care, to help you succeed
  • A mentorship program which pairs you with experienced Aspen RxHealth pharmacists so you can learn from those already utilizing our platform to advance their careers and improve patient outcomes
  • The Aspen Milestone Program (AMP) also provides reimbursements when you earn qualifying professional certifications

Get started and deliver patient care in as little as 24 hours

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