Where Quality Clinical Care Meets Unmatched Pharmacy Expertise

Health plans, life sciences organizations, provider groups, and strategic partners share a joint (and often challenging) mission to enable healthier lives for the members and patients they serve. From chronic condition management programs to year-round medication therapy management, we have customized solutions to meet the most complex needs.

Finally, there’s a better way to achieve quality ratings and better health

At the core of what we do is a community of more than 7,000 pharmacists ready and able to positively impact member experience and drive overall member and patient health and well-being. Better yet? Their services are proven to dramatically drive quality ratings, including those infamously triple-weighted member adherence measures.

Pharmacists are healthcare superheroes

Clinical pharmacists are at the heart of our solution. The Aspen RxHealth Pharmacist Community is highly educated and experienced in over 65 disease states, specializing in chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, and behavioral health. We are able to serve any population, no matter how complex.

How it works

Pharmacist-patient match
A pharmacist-facing mobile application matches our pharmacists with patients based on clinical and social factors including geographic location, language, disease-state, and more. By creating the right matches from the onset, we set a solid foundation for meaningful, patient-centric care that builds and nurtures a pharmacist patient relationship.
Preparing for the consultation
Pharmacists review their matches, determine which patients they wish to deliver care to, and are then telephonically connected directly to their patients via the Aspen RxHealth app.
Consultation completed
During the call, the pharmacist provides as many clinical services as needed to address quality measures, manage chronic conditions, and educate on disease state, medication regimen, improve medication adherence, and more.
Favorite a pharmacist
After the consultation, patients can select that pharmacist for future care, using the “my favorite pharmacist” feature.

Your pharmacists. Our platform.

If you’re using an in-house pharmacy team to conduct member outreach, Aspen RxHealth can empower your pharmacists to deliver the best care possible. Through Alliance by Aspen RxHealth, client pharmacy teams leverage our platform and operational infrastructure, eliminating the need to build a costly technology platform while reducing the administrative burden associated with running a telephony platform, the stress of managing varying member eligibility, or the headache of managing a mail center. 


Imagine working with a partner who manages all pre- and post-consultation work, reduces your administrative burden, and allows your team to do what they do best—provide high-quality clinical pharmacy care to your member populations. 


Better yet, Alliance by Aspen RxHealth allows you to operate with risk impunity. Should your in-house team be unable to meet necessary call volumes, our team of clinical pharmacists, over 7,000 strong, is standing by – ready and able to augment your member outreach efforts, ensuring that your populations receive the quality care they need. 

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A simpler way to healthier lives

Providing the highest quality, least abrasive experience for members and patients is at the core of what we do.

There is no app to download. No portal to remember. Instead, our pharmacists connect directly to your members for efficient, nationwide, telephonic care delivery. And because we’re able to provide multiple clinical services during the same consultation, we create a seamless experience—maximizing the value of every pharmacist-patient interaction.

But the work isn’t done once a consultation is complete. Our pharmacists are trained to engage and motivate their patients, building long-term relationships for future care. Aspen RxHealth pharmacists are genuinely invested in the care of the patients they serve, leading to better management of chronic conditions, especially among polypharmacy populations and individuals with highly complex disease states.

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Frequently asked questions:

All of Aspen RxHealth’s clinical pharmacy service solutions are provided remotely by our nationwide community of over 7,000 clinical pharmacists. This model allows us to reach health plan members and patients even in the most disparate, rural locations due to the telephonic nature of the engagement. Our remote pharmacists utilize an iOS device to deliver patient consultations via our mobile application. The proprietary technology intelligently matches pharmacists to patients based on clinical and social factors such as language, geographic location, area of clinical specialty, and chronic conditions.


Our flexible Pharmacist Community provides a myriad of consultations including comprehensive medication management, medication adherence, member education condition management, specialty medication management, and transitions of care.

We haven’t forgotten about your in-house pharmacy team! Aspen RxHealth can still support your member outreach strategies through Alliance by Aspen RxHealth. This model allows your in-house pharmacy team to leverage our technology platform to more effectively deliver patient consultations.


Our platform handles all background work including eligibility management, documentation, quality assurance, and post-consultation mailing. Now your team has more time to do what they do best—care for your members.

We believe in close collaboration with our clients. After all, you know your populations better than anyone else. During the onboarding process, your dedicated Aspen RxHealth Client Experience Manager acts as a bridge between your in-house team and ours—facilitating clinical pharmacy program development and scoping, patient consultation scripting, reporting, and quality assurance activities. Following an implementation process as short as 90 days, our remote Pharmacist Community is ready to begin delivering high-quality medication consultations to your members.

Yes! Because we use a community of over 7,000 remote clinical pharmacists to deliver our services in a gig-economy model, there’s no consultation volume too large or too small for us to tackle. We know that MTM eligibility can vary widely, so if you find yourself with too many consultations to complete in a tight timeframe, we can surge our remote pharmacists to your population and make sure they get the care they need.
With remote pharmacists delivering clinical pharmacy services to members in all 50 states, things can get complicated. Fortunately, the Aspen RxHealth platform is intelligently designed to only surface consultation opportunities to pharmacists who are licensed to contact those members. Our clients rest easy knowing their members will only receive consultations from the most qualified, licensed pharmacists to address their needs and build strong relationships over time.
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