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  • Comprehensive medication Review 5,000+ Pharmacists
  • Pharmacist community 50 State Coverage
  • Pharmacist quality rating <1% CMS Requirements Error Rate
  • MTM services 100,000+ Patient Consultations Delivered
  • Pharmacist community 30% Greater Efficiency via Surge Capabilities
  • Pharmacist quality rating 30% Better Performance vs. Insourced Pharmacy Teams
  • MTM services 60 Day Implementation
Targeted medication review

Harnessing the Value of Clinical Pharmacist Expertise

The on-demand, flexible nature of the Aspen RxHealth platform enables health plans and other risk-bearing providers to unleash the capacity of licensed pharmacists around the country, expanding member engagement in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. At the same time, clinical pharmacists pursue fulfilling work while patients receive high-quality, timely care from a skilled pharmacist focused on their unique healthcare needs.

Algorithms intelligently match pharmacists with patients based on a
multitude of social and clinical criteria, including language, medication regimen, condition and more – allowing for a highly customized approach to patient care.

For many of the nation’s top health plans, Aspen RxHealth offers clinical pharmacy services and solutions including medication therapy management (MTM), medication adherence, quality measure initiatives and specialty pharmacy patient support.

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Aspen RxHealth Proudly Serves the Top Health Plans Across the Country

Hear how our solution is empowering them to think differently about patient engagement and care.
  • “Across all departments, this is the best vendor onboarding I have ever experienced in all of my time here.” – Executive from leading health plan


  • “We are proud to be able to offer Aspen RxHealth as an innovative service to help enhance the relationship between our pharmacists and members. With support from Aspen RxHealth, we are working to remove barriers for our members who suffer from complex conditions so they may lead healthy vibrant lives.” – President from leading health plan.

Comprehensive medication Review

The Power of Personalized Connections

Every patient is unique, as is every pharmacist. At Aspen RxHealth we leverage these personal attributes to enhance the experience for all parties
involved. Our technology fosters longitudinal relationships between patients
and pharmacists, creating the opportunity to positively impact health outcomes while increasing patient-pharmacist satisfaction.

What Our Pharmacists Are Saying

  • Pharmcist testimonials

    “I have truly loved this experience and calls like these make me feel the true positive impact I am making on a patient’s life. I also love learning and growing from the feedback and education you are providing, including top-notch documentation and counseling. This is also helping me as a retail pharmacist provide improved outcomes to my patients on a daily basis.” – Pharmacist

  • Pharmcist testimonials

    “Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Aspen Community, I love it! I appreciate what you’re doing for pharmacists, including providing ongoing training in order for us to learn about the areas in which we need to improve, which ultimately allows us to provide even better service to our patients.” – Pharmacist

  • Pharmcist testimonials

    “I have truly loved the experience of being part of the Aspen Community. I feel the positive impact that I’m making on a patient’s life and am learning and growing from the feedback Aspen provides. The ongoing education allows me to provide top notch services and patient counseling. My time with Aspen has already helped me as a retail pharmacist to provide improved outcomes for my patients on a daily basis!” – Pharmacist

  • Pharmcist testimonials

    “The experience of joining the Aspen RxHealth community has been nothing short of amazing! I’ve practiced for over 20 years and despite not being face to face, I still get the feeling of helping, caring and making a positive change in a patient’s life. My work is very rewarding – especially when my patients request me to be their pharmacist on an ongoing basis. Now my attention is undivided, uninterrupted, I am no longer being pulled into ten different directions while I am with my patients.” – Pharmacist

  • Pharmcist testimonials

    “The team at Aspen RxHealth is awesome – everyone is very supportive and quick in delivering a response when needed. The QA team is superb and always looking for ways to improve in the delivery of patient care. As a Pharmacist, I get the sense that I belong to a great community starting to embark on something tremendous in the pharmacy world!” – Pharmacist

  • Pharmcist testimonials

    “Aspen RxHealth has been the instrument I needed to bridge the gap in changing my career path from community/retail to clinical pharmacist. The management team has been phenomenal in providing the tools and support needed to be successful and the self-paced training modules and learning paths are such innovative approaches to performing medication therapy management.” – Pharmacist

MTM services

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Our Highly Diverse Pharmacist Community:

  • Pharmacist community Speaks 20+ languages
  • Pharmacist community 50 state coverage
  • Comprehensive medication Review Accredited in more than 65 clinical specialties
  • MTM services Delivers diversity of ethnicity, age, and language
  • Medication Therapy Management Builds longitudinal relationships with patients
  • Comprehensive medication Review 4.8 stars average pharmacist rating
    (5 star scale)
5,000+ Licensed Clinical Pharmacists and Growing
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