Aspen RxHealth Member Outreach

In order to ensure you receive the best health outcomes, most competitive costs and utmost safety from your medications, your health insurance company has partnered with Aspen RxHealth to deliver pharmacy services via our national team of Pharmacists… likely in or near your neighborhood. Be on the lookout for a call from your assigned pharmacist to discuss your important medication protocol. We will reaching out from one of the following phone numbers:

  • 813-283-0308
  • 972-217-8777
  • 202-313-7790 
  • 813-291-0028 
  • 972-375-0055 

We appreciate your time in discussing your medication therapy and health safety with us. We promise not to take much of your time – your health and time are our top priorities.

Please note: Speaking with one of our clinical pharmacists will not result in any additional costs and is included in your current health insurance plan.