Turn the Great Resignation Into the Great Pharmacy Movement

We saw the writing on the wall. For years, pharmacists let out desperate cries for a better way, but none existed. They were overworked but grossly underutilized. Then, COVID surfaced and suddenly pharmacists were being called in droves to administer vaccines all around the nation (and the world, for that matter). We are two years into the global pandemic and with a (hopeful) end in sight, who is advocating on behalf of pharmacists to ensure their desperation and frustration didn’t fall upon deaf ears?

Last year, a movement called “#PizzaIsNotWorking” began, with the intent of bringing awareness to working conditions in pharmacies stating the obvious: rewards like free pizza or gift cards aren’t enough.  

I feel like when challenges arise there are two camps: 1) the dwellers and 2) the problem solvers.

I’ve always chosen to fall into the latter category. And finally, we can tell pharmacists there is a better way.

I couldn’t be more proud of the clear pathway which Aspen RxHealth has provided, where pharmacists can step out from behind the counter and in front of patients – on their own terms. Whether they choose to work 4 hours per week or 40, our model is proving to be successful. Less than two years ago, we set out with the lofty goal of building a community of pharmacists across the nation. When we launched, we were 25 pharmacists strong. Today, our bustling community has thousands of pharmacists with no signs of slowing down. What began as a community has shifted into a movement.

To support this remarkable growth, we brought in top talent, with deep-rooted experience in marketplace operations to deliver forward-thinking features and programs. Leveraging best practices from other industries, we are building programs to celebrate milestones, refine our financial incentives and, develop pay structures based upon performance and quality of consultations. As a company, Aspen RxHealth has taken on the challenge to provide the tools and ecosystem to make each of our pharmacists better; better clinicians, better business operators, and better partners to family and friends. As we pursue this ambitious goal, we continue to invest in world-class content in relevant areas such as motivational interviewing and business 101 concepts.

The best part? It’s working.

Here are sentiments from our pharmacists I received this week alone:

“This is the most fulfilling pharmacist job I’ve had in 20 years. It allows me to apply skills I’ve acquired through education and experience to help patients directly. I finish every day so proud of what I’ve accomplished and the patients I care for are truly grateful.”

“Nothing feels better than having a patient open up to me, trusting me with their vulnerabilities and health decisions.”

“The skills I’ve gained since working for Aspen RxHealth haven’t only helped me be a better pharmacist but have been life-changing personally as well.”

These pharmacists have no obligation to Aspen RxHealth. We fundamentally believe however that when our pharmacists flourish, we will too.

Flipping an industry on its head doesn’t happen overnight – after all, we’re building something never built before. We’re opening doors for pharmacists that simply never existed. We’re creating a movement. Letting them connect with patients and build their own practice. For an industry riddled with dissatisfaction, 98% of our pharmacists would recommend us to a colleague. Our community is diverse in thought and experience. We have pharmacists who are lifers working alongside new grads. We call our pharmacists clinical pharmacists for a reason – because all pharmacists ARE clinicians.

The overwhelming sentiment is this – finally, there’s a better way. With every text, email, and LinkedIn message I receive, I am further motivated and reminded of our WHY. We are paving the way for pharmacists and patients to curate relationships like never before. The result? Healthy, enriched lives for those we serve as well as the pharmacists who serve them.

I am elated to witness what we’re building. I am honored to work alongside our team as we continually grow and iterate – with a shared, relentless dedication towards providing a new pathway for pharmacists, arguably one of healthcare’s biggest underdogs.

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