Drive Health Plan Innovation and Performance With Clinical Pharmacy Services

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Breaking down barriers to high-quality pharmacy services

High administrative burden to hire, train, and retain in-house clinical pharmacists

Impersonal call-center approach lacks empathy and expertise

Duplicative member outreach drives down member experience performance

Traditional pharmacy outreach models can’t quickly scale to meet changing needs

We make it easier to keep your health plan members and your bottom line healthy.

Pharmacists make the difference.

Pharmacists are the unsung heroes of healthcare, with the knowledge and power to improve lives. Our network of clinical pharmacists provides care to members across Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Commercial from the nation’s top health plans, all at 30% less than in-house models and lackluster competitors. But, don’t take our word for it, our 100% client retention rate speaks to the trust, confidence, and results we deliver to our health plan partners daily.

Our programs range from chronic condition management to annual Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and everything in between. Our clinical pharmacists have advanced credentialing and real-world experience to tackle any health plan need.

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Support your team

If you’re already operating an in-house pharmacy team, we’ve still got you covered. Empower your team with the Alliance by Aspen RxHealth model, giving them the technology and platform to seamlessly deliver clinical consultations to members. 

The best part? Operational and administrative risk impunity. Should your team be unable to serve the volume of consultations, our community of over 7,000 clinical pharmacists is on standby – ready to augment your efforts and provide pharmacist-led, clinical care for your members.

We’re doing things differently, on purpose

With a Pharmacist Community as diverse as your members, we’ve built matching algorithms that consider commonly overlooked factors like language, clinical specialty, and geographical location. The result?


Personalized member engagement for the long term.

Reimagine your clinical pharmacy services

Schedule a call with an Aspen RxHealth solutions expert
Together, we explore your plan’s challenges and collaborate on a solution
Let us build a custom program tailored to your plan's needs
Our pharmacist community is deployed (independently or in tandem with your in-house pharmacists) to deliver care to your member populations.
Improve the health of your member populations while showcasing the results of your programs.
The resources, data and information you need for CMS and quality assurance reporting, goal tracking, and everyday success.
Schedule a discovery call
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Invest in healthier member outcomes and smarter results

Don’t waste time, money, and resources on impersonal pharmacy call centers. Let us help your plan drive member health, lower your total cost of care, and improve Star Ratings.

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