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Life-saving medications aren't taken just because they’re prescribed

Lack of patient education leads to primary medication nonadherence, prescription abandonment, and other nonadherent behaviors

Patients don’t always take medication as directed

Nonadherence can put patients’ long-term health at risk

Tracking side effects in unengaged patient populations is near-impossible

Let us build high-touch, patient engagement programs so you can focus on what you do best — developing breakthrough, life-saving medications.

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An innovative,
pharmacist-led approach

In today’s healthcare landscape of complicated medication therapies, new gene therapies, advances in immunizations, and preventative wellness services, we know it’s harder than ever to keep patients adherent to their medications. We’re also aware that pharmacists – some of the highest trained and educated clinicians – are under-utilized when it comes to managing medication therapy. That’s why a group of pharmacists founded Aspen RxHealth.

Aspen RxHealth’s platform was built with the purpose of helping patients better manage their medication regimens. Our nationwide network of over 7,000 pharmacists has clinical specializations to ensure that we can care for any patient, no matter how complex. The best part? We’ve created an elastic model that provides flexibility to rapidly scale up or down to meet your ever-evolving needs.

Our pharmacists have extensive motivational interviewing skills to build strong, productive relationships with patients. During a consultation, an Aspen RxHealth pharmacist can educate a patient about a new medication, an ACIP-recommended immunization, help monitor and intervene to keep patients committed to their medication regimen, and continuously engage with them over the long-term to keep them adherent.

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Let us worry about patient engagement and adherence so you can focus on research, development, and deployment of the medications and immunizations our world needs most.

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