David Medvedeff – Founder & President

David Medvedeff, Chief Executive Officer, Aspen RxHealth

Briefly describe the professional journey that led you to Aspen RxHealth.
I feel like I should be sitting on a park bench in Savannah eating a box of chocolates as I tell my story. (Forrest Gump reference in case you missed it.) Seriously, I started my career with the Eckerd Corporation managing a team of pharmacists focused exclusively on delivering medication therapy management services in a retail pharmacy setting (this was long before Medicare adopted a similar model). I had my first exposure in working with a technology team when I joined Gold Standard (now Elsevier) and quickly became fascinated by the combination of healthcare (specifically decision support) and technology. Fast forward 15 years from that first exposure and I find myself working with the same team of brilliant people iteratively solving problems related to patient experience and health literacy.

Which famous quote would you pick to describe your personal business philosophy?
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker.

Reflecting on your greatest accomplishment and your greatest setback, which do you think you learned more from and why?
Without a doubt my greatest setback. I am a firm believer that accomplishments validate something you already know while setbacks teach the hard

Have you received any notable awards or honors and/or had any of your work published?
It has been my privilege to work with and for some remarkable people. As a result of these amazing teams and mentors, I have been fortunate enough to be recognized by my peers on several occasions. Specifically, I have received the Prescott Leadership Award, a two-time recipient of the APhA Foundation Pinnacle Award, Next Generation Pharmacist Technology Innovator, the University of Florida College of Pharmacy Outstanding Alumnus Award and the Service Excellence Award.

Based on your experience in the pharmacy industry, why do you believe Aspen can make a big difference in this industry?
Quite simply because it is the right solution at the right time. There has been little to no real innovation in supporting the pharmacist-patient relationship and the industry is ripe for disruption.


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