A Unique Medication Therapy Management Solution

Nearly half of adults in the US suffer from at least one chronic condition. For health plans, provider groups, and other strategic partners, managing the medication regimens of your member and patient populations is critical to keeping them healthy and preventing adverse drug events before they occur. That’s why Aspen RxHealth exists. To revolutionize clinical pharmacy care for healthier lives and bottom lines. Finally, there’s a better way.

Medication therapy management (MTM) doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or burdensome.

Delivering clinical pharmacy services in a revolutionary new way

Whether an Aspen RxHealth pharmacist is conducting a medication reconciliation intervention, a comprehensive medication review (CMR), targeted medication review (TMR), screening for social determinants of health, or care for older adults (COA) outreach, our clinical pharmacists treat patients holistically. Meaning they’re able to identify medication adherence issues, provide immunization reminders, and everything in between.

Delivering multiple services during one phone call is how we maximize the value of every member interaction and enhance patient experience. Members are tired of downloading apps, creating profiles, and receiving multiple phone calls from disparate clinicians. The fatigue and frustration only multiply when they are managing multiple chronic conditions. By consolidating member outreach without sacrificing care, we reduce member abrasion while improving health outcomes.

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It’s no secret that medication therapy management is rife with challenges:

Fitting a clinical intervention into the pharmacy workflow doesn’t work at scale

Physicians are often unable to review entire medication lists due to lack of access, time constraints, and EMR integration complexities

Compliance, quality, and reporting are complicated and time intensive

Traditional call center models create an abrasive member experience and lack human connection

That’s why entrusting your programs to an efficient and experienced pharmacy services partner makes sense.

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The innovator in medication therapy management

We do things differently – and that’s on purpose. Founded by a group of pharmacists who realized there had to be a better way, Aspen RxHealth is on a mission to keep patients and members healthy while providing our client partners with an efficient, effective, and affordable pharmacy solution.

Many of the nation’s top healthcare organizations have already partnered with us to build or improve their medication therapy management programs and the results speak for themselves.

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How we do it

Meaningful connections

Our matching algorithm, powered by the Aspen Clinical Engine (ACE) matches pharmacists with patients based on often-overlooked clinical and social factors.

On-demand workforce

Our nationwide network of clinical pharmacists works in a gig economy model. Meaning we can rapidly scale up or down to meet your needs, all year-round.

Better, more efficient care

Our pharmacists are extensively trained and receive on-going provider education to ensure that they are genuinely invested in the well-being and care of their patients.

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Frequently asked questions:

Aspen RxHealth’s platform allows health plans to have a high-performing medication management program without building an in-house call center from the ground up. Our nationwide pharmacist community delivers the highest quality care possible and allows clinical interventions to surge at peak periods throughout the year.

MTM is a critical component in reducing adverse drug events (ADEs). By performing MTM services, we can identify dangerous drug interactions, answer drug questions, and ensure member medication adherence in the most effective way possible. Care for older adults (COA) has similar goals of ensuring members receive proactive and frequent consultations to assess their health throughout the year.

Aspen RxHealth only uses licensed pharmacists to provide medication therapy management. Clinical pharmacists are the medication experts; they understand and deliver timely, clinical interventions that enable your members to live as healthy and happy as they can be, while boosting patient experience and overall plan performance.

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