Unlock the Value of Clinical Pharmacy Services to Optimize Population Health

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Managing pharmacy spend is full of unique challenges

Lack of transparent reporting relating to patient experience

Increased focus on clinical programs brings quality and efficiency into the spotlight

Traditional call centers are impersonal, can create patient abrasion, and are highly costly

In-house teams don’t have the flexibility to surge or shrink

Administrative burden is high when building specialized clinical teams

Lack of program visibility leads to silos, losing sight of the patient’s care journey

We make it easy to deliver clinical excellence, without a call center in sight

A revolutionary approach to clinical pharmacy care

We know that legacy models no longer cut it. That’s why we built Aspen RxHealth as a platform to tap into the power of healthcare’s unsung heroes, pharmacists. Our nationwide network of clinical pharmacists provide care to thousands of patients across the country. By functioning as a virtual pharmacy department, we are creating measurable value for PBMs, care coordination organizations, risk management organizations, and benefits brokers across the nation:

  • Prioritizing patient experience while reducing overall pharmacy spend.
  • Boosting quality measure performance for medication management and related services.
  • Maximizing MAPD and PDP conversion volume with higher quality at a lower cost.
Flexibility and efficiency are key to success. Our workforce is entirely on-demand, allowing us to rapidly scale up or down to meet your needs. Our agility also makes us 30% more efficient than the competition.
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Our 100% client retention rate speaks to the trust, confidence, and results we deliver to our Strategic Partners daily.

We’re doing things differently, on purpose

With a Pharmacist Community as diverse as your populations, we’ve built matching algorithms that consider commonly overlooked factors like language, clinical specialty, and geographical location. The result?

Personalized engagement for the long term.

Reimagine your clinical pharmacy services

Schedule a call with an Aspen RxHealth solutions expert.
Together, we explore your challenges and collaborate on a solution.
Let us build a custom program tailored to your needs.
Our pharmacist community is deployed (independently or in tandem with in-house pharmacists) to deliver care to your populations.
Improve the health of your populations while showcasing the results of your programs.
The resources, data and information you need for quality assurance reporting, goal tracking, and everyday success.
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The fastest way to stand out

Don’t worry about hiring, training, and retaining in-house pharmacists. When you partner with Aspen RxHealth, we act as an extension of your team, delivering quality and efficiency without ever disrupting your daily operations.

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