Wuhong Li – Chief Technology Officer

Wuhong Li, Chief Technology Officer, Aspen RxHealth

Briefly describe the professional journey that led you to Aspen RxHealth.
Right after graduation from UF, I joined Gold Standard, an off-campus startup company, to work on a drug reference product called Clinical Pharmacology (CP). For the next 12 years, I lived and breathed CP, taking it from its inception as a Mac/Windows desktop product to become the first-to-market database-driven mobile application in the drug information space. I oversaw the transformation of CP from a standalone application to a clinical decision support (CDS) integration platform and fostered Gold Standard’s technology team as one of the finest innovators in Healthcare IT. In 2003, working with Florida Medicaid, I led the development of eMPOWERx, a point-of-care application with integrated medication claims history data, CDS engine and ePrescribing on PocketPC, the mobile platform at the time. It was recognized as the Enabling Technology Award winner at HIMSS 2005 and later deployed as the platform for KatrinaHealth.org, an online medication record access system implemented in an ONC-coordinated rapid response to Hurricane Katrina.

Gold Standard was acquired by Elsevier, and I served as SVP for Application Development to led R&D in its CDS platform and mobile application development. In 2009, I joined Avatar Solutions as its VP of Technology and led the technology transformation of its Targeted Survey system. Targeted Survey delivers personalized patient satisfaction survey, employee engagement survey and data analytic services to some of the nation’s premier healthcare systems, hundreds of hospitals and physician groups including Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinics and Dignity Health.

Most recently, I was CTO and co-founder of VUCA Health. Leveraging video, mobile, cloud technologies and expert experience in drug information systems, VUCA Health creates the world’s largest library of medication education videos providing patients with a digital engagement experience.

What three words best describe your leadership style?
Vision, Integrity, Excellence.

What is the one career accomplishment of which you are most proud, thus far?
Clinical Pharmacology, the flagship drug information database from Gold Standard. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a passionate and talented team, from its early design to overseeing its growth to become the premier clinical decision support (CDS) system for thousands of hospitals, retail pharmacies and academic institutions throughout the US.

What fictional world or place would you like to visit?
Downton Abbey

What was your favorite subject in high school and why?
Chinese Literature. I was in China at the time, learning and reading a lot of classical Chinese books, in some ways, as an escape from math and all the science.

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